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Scorz Verses Lockdown

Scorz Verses Lockdown

“The Beast from the East Midlands”

Scorzilla Exists

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When Zilla comes to lunch 
You need a hundred plates
He eats a million melons like a it’s bunch of grapes
He feeds his elephants with snakes that he hunts in a lake 
Monkey brains with flake and a milkshake made from the blood of a bathing ape
In a volcano sipping on plutonium straight
Writing on Mesopotamian clay
Lazy is his day
Unless somebody comes his way
and tries to run up in his cave
If they’re dumb enough and brave
They’re just flies on his face
Plus he left the crumbs for bait
What a wonderful display
Of hunger games
Type trickery
To get to him that had to cross a bridge that was rickety
They should have stuck to the path that said this way
Took em 6 days
Now they’re dead
What a piss take
He sits on the sun for fun
If it’s cold out
And if he’s bored and get’s his big old mountain of gold out
That’s the amount of the souls he bought for loose change 
He makes chains by melting em over blue flames
He knows how to slice marble 
Move heavy stones
Blend into the room and lives by the phrase 
When in Rome
He mostly moves alone
You won’t see him 
Until he runs out of Adrenochrome 
Let’s dig a little deeper
Zilla’s a creature
That mirrors the many features 
Of enemies who believe 
They can Machiavelli the teacher
He’s reads  em like a meter 
Just to bleed em like a heater
Just to feed em to the seekers who come 
To learn the secrets of how to turn into a beast
You need to be a believer
You need bow to the priest 
Then drink some diethyl ether
Just to relieve ya
Before he walk into your dreams
Using a frequency receiver 
Like a deep sleeper
Then he retrieves the 
Trauma that never leaves ya
I guess we’re all sufferers 
There can only be one Zilla 
You must of just 
Landed on the planet yesterday
Came to the booth in a cape in and a suit
with a flap at the back ‘cus I’m taking a poop
I’m a full sized ape 
They’re a table of fruit
They’re not able to do
What I’m able to do
When I’m in the mood
Put a beat on a loop
Put a body in the boot
Body everybody in the room
Batta bing 
Batta boom
Yabba dabba dabba doo
So who’s the Zilla me or you?
Jigga, Nas, Tupac, Big Pun, Canibus, Wu Tang
Eminem, Skinny man, Big L,  
This is just a big long list 
To make myself look bigger
Jesus Ghandi
Russel Brand 
Rob De Niro
Russel Crow
Stephen Hawkings 
Shakin Stevens
Stevie Wonder
Rolf Harris 
Prince Andrew 
Jimmy Saville
Margret Thatcher
Edward Heath 
That’s ya whole crew
Anyway back to the rhymes syllables
Billy big bollocks with the giant minerals 
That’s my willy not my umbilical
I was born was a Japs eye big enough
To Hit Brian Clough in the eye from the left lion
Imagine when i get warmed up and my eye’s in
Pissing on castle boulevard 
with a road full of cars
Note book full of bars
Pull a card
Like Rikaard 
When he hit Frank Muller
Good shot
Stomp on em in pair of son of mars
Fly by in a giant disc
With a hieroglyph
On the side of my dick
That spells I am a prick
It’s self evident that I am equipped
With the skills to flip the entire script
I’m a hill billy with rifle and a bible
A danger to myself
like Joe Biden 
Looking at himself in a picture at high school
on Epstein’s island
minimise any threat
you the best wanna bet?
all you gonna get is a runners up medal
You don’t wanna meddle with the devil of the Medellín
Shudaa wudda cudda 
Better than a rapper never been
What I gotta do?
Put a rocket a moon?
Put a cock in a baboon?
Put a bomb on a boombap beat?
Put em in a tomb with with tupac look alike?
I’m Maradona when I’m in the booth
Skillfully scribbling 
Ill with the dribbling
Leave you in the middle of field
When I’m tripling 
Cripple em
Tickle em 
Put em in a jar pickle em
Nibble em 
Rudyard Kipling
Ain’t no quibbling 
No equivalent 
Flows I piddle em 
No getting rid of the
Beast from the east midlands
I told you that this Scorzilla was brilliant
They’re alright but they’re no Bo Diddley 
They’re more P Diddy
With a dildo 
What kind due diligence do you do?
When you plan on killing kobo
I turn up like I’m Robo Cop 
And pop you solo
Squash you like I’m Bolo
Cough on you with Corona virus 
Just for promo
Sit back inside my coffin
and laugh at the world
They’re popping up like Wacka’ Mole
I wack em all
They keep coming back 
I think I should wack myself
The only danger to me is my mental health
a life sentence in myself
In my mind I was sent to hell
I was born in a well 
where a kid threw a two pence coin
and hold my soul to the ills of the world
and sold it for skills and a pearl that gave me this curse to be ill. 
age is number I say age is a sage’
I’m a trillion years old 
With an alien in my brain 
Your just a simple Homosapien with a name
And a basic skeletal frame
Held together with some cellophane
Let me spell my name
Arr fuck it I can’t be arsed.
Zilla the Gargantuan
The hard bar mandarin
Tarantulas run across his back
When he’s trampling
Golden eagles on his ankle bracelets
Razor blades on a boomerang
With GPS co-ordination 
5G recognition on his towers
He snaps the neck of moloch
Right in front of the global power
He took a bath in Theodore Zum Guten Rath
Made the house his
And gave all of the lost children back
The pope made a plot to trap him inside in crypto graphic box
But he solved the puzzle 
Snap the locks
Snatch the dagger off the sra leader
In one spin of a circle 
Decapitated the lot
The few that remained 
Packed up
And lived as nomads
Under the agreement that they should never go back
If theres one foot or toe in the perimeter 
Then everybody gets wacked
Zilla Henry Kissinger
The jewish mafia
Mixed with the CIA 
He’s got the black mail tapes encrypted in his cave
For the day they ever try dethrone the most grizzly
They’re so silly if they do so willingly
They tip toe around 
With the permission to still breath
Only coming for air amongst the reeds
Then its back to being 
Lower forms of pond life 
Sperms and germs
Just worms for his pet birds
He plays an organ with skeleton finger keysspends his time making wine and Italian style delicacies
The conductor of multiple destinies
Each one following a particular theme that pleases his queen 
Algorithms in his brain like ada love lace
He finishes every meal like a gentleman good game
Calling him a monster is an insult to his wisdom
He’s more of an entity with his own weather system 
He fights with a broken neck like the real Vinnie Paz
And laughs at creatures trying to escape running in zig zags
Catches em 
Makes man bags and sells em to chavs.
A select few end up on a slab in his lab
For eugenic Purposes  
Disguised as flu jabs
The rest end up in a big pan of goulash 
Knock knock 
Who’s that?
Gangsta Wrap 
Bazooka blast
Don’t exist on google maps
So none of it is Uber tracked
He does kick ups with skulls of old silver backs
Possesses deep secrets like why the 3rd building collapsed
Scorz Dick Cheny
Supplier to the Jesuits
Thou shall be quiet in the presence of his emminence
Appreciate the craft
And be mindful of his benevolence 
Empires rise and fall 
Zilla survives em all
By infiltrating both sides 
And escapes through a maze of sliding doors
And reappears after a violent war
Alpha and omega
Blood is the streets 
Like an options trader
Sitting in the hot springs like biff tannon
With a sign that says 
Do not disturb when he’s planning
Unless you got his medium rare steak on 
And an Iridium plate
Just press the buzzer at the gate
And wait
There’s a 20 pound tip in the mouth of the giant snow leopard
And a 9 to 5 job if you’re successful
Now go fetch it
If not it’s just another head on his floor
You’ll need the testicular fortitude of medicine balls
You can only gain access if you empty all your thoughts
And channel the seven Shakras to the centre of your core
Time to enter the tour
Like Solomon and the glass floor
Through the two pillars at the entrance of the porch
Take some flammable oil a stick and make a torch
Use Egyptian mathematics on a map and choose a course
He moves like a shadow on the never land wall
The corridors get small to the point you need to crawl
You close your eyes in total darkness and wake up in a large hall
To things you’ve never thought of before
Your ego explodes into the sound of pure white noise
Every particle becomes singular a point
Every paralell version of yourself is now joined
All you see on the floor is you as a small boy 
Maybe the monster that you saw was a myth
But like schrodingers cat
Scorzilla exists

255 Bars by Scorayzee in three parts over beats unauthorised by Havoc, B.Lou and White Shadow
Free download with every T Shirt Pre-Order 
Artwork By Kid Acne 
Karaoke Video By The Asphalt Cartel
Gotham City Lockdown 2020